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The book in a nutshell:
Humanity or Sovereignty proposes a new theory of political philosophy based on respect for human fulfillment as the core principle of politics. The book explores the implications of viewing human beings as  not principally actors in the  market place or rationally calculating self interest machines, but as thinking beings with a  sense of empathy and potential to develop good relations with others.  A paradigm of "human" political values is developed.
The book's key points:
- Fulfilling our human moral potential is a key part of finding happiness and fulfillment
- The "human legitimacy principle" developed in the book shows that respect for humans should not stop at national or  religious borders. Our current system of competing of competing states is an illegitimate one as it puts the national interest before the human interest.

- We need to develop a human political system to replace our current competing national political systems.
We cannot build a legitimate political system through our current framework of nation states



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About the author:
Lyndon Storey has a PhD from Sydney University  and is a writer and activist on a range of social justice issues.